Revalidation is the process that allows nurses to maintain registration with the NMC. It is a continuous process to demonstrate their ability to continue to practice safely.

Every three years all nurses and midwives will be asked to apply for revalidation using the NMC online system as a means of keeping their registration active.

Completing the revalidation process is the responsibility of the registered nurse, however Knightingles Healthcare will assist where applicable.

What’s Required and Support Available from Knightingles Healthcare

  • 450 practice hours for a nurse and midwife or 900 hours if practicing as both.
  • Confirmation of the total amount of hours you completed via Knightingles Healthcare Services. Evidence of hours of mandatory training conducted (where applicable) and/or store and supply all training certificates.
  • Store and provide evidence of both participatory and online training completed via Knightingles Healthcare.
  • 5 pieces of practice related feedback including but not limited to the following:
  • Annual performance appraisals feedback.
  • Feedback from patients, service users and clients (shift leaders, managers, matrons in both NHS and private healthcare institutions) gathered from assignments undertaken with Knightingles Healthcare.
  • Knightingles healthcare have issued revised timesheets with a section on performance feedback as another tool for data collection in support of nurse revalidation. Nurses need to get some comments from the nurse in charge, sister or ward manager where possible
  • Interview /supervision feedback from interview/supervision with Knightingles Healthcare.
  • Details of any complaints or incidents registered with the agency about the nurse from placement feedback
  • 5 written reflective accounts
  • Self-reflective feedback provided during the annual performance appraisals on your job role in its entirety.
  • Reflection on feedback received post mandatory training sessions.
  • Where appropriate, ensure line managers (or other individuals) are available to act as confirmers and reflective discussion partners
  • Knightingles will provide space and time for nurses and midwives to hold their reflective discussions and confirmation discussions (if separate from an appraisal process)
  • The agency will identify revalidation application and renewal dates for all of nurses and midwives
  • The agency will encourage nurses and midwives to register for NMC Online
  • In circumstances where appropriate Knightingles healthcare will put plans in place for nurses and midwives to receive confirmation as part of their appraisal process, or an alternative process
  • Knightingles will allow access to feedback where it already exists (including audits, satisfaction surveys, complaints and the nurse or midwife’s individual appraisal)
  • The agency will ensure all staff have access to the necessary IT equipment
  • Knightingles Healthcare will provide further information about who in the company can act as confirmer and/or reflective discussion partner as detailed in the NMC’s requirements over and above the registered manager who is the designated nominated confirmer for the agency
  • The agency will constantly review whether informal organisational systems could be implemented to allow for participatory continuing professional development (CPD) learning
  • The agency incorporates communication about the requirements for the online revalidation process and timings into its local communication systems
  • The agency will additionally remind nurses and midwives of their obligations of confidentiality under the code and data protection legislation.



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